Tips for Traveling in the New Normal

Tips for Traveling in the New Normal

1. Plan Ahead the Trip

Trace your route through the destinations you will visit, the activities and of course your accommodation. In many cases hotel websites offer great promotions for booking in advance. As Hotel CASA GOYRI San Miguel de Allende.

2. Open Destinations

Due to the new normal, many activities and venues have closed or have restricted hours. Google their schedules.

3. Travel by Day, It's Always Safer

4. Travel by car

Traveling by car is the most responsible thing to take care of yourself and society. Since you avoid conglomerations of public transport.

5. Open Paths

Many governments have taken advantage of the period of the pandemic to carry out maintenance on the roads, so make sure that your path is outside the remodeling. Although many times it will be unavoidable.

6. Open Mind and Always Calm

7. Hotels and Emerging Destinations

Consider some strategic points on the route in case you need to rest from the trip or for some eventuality.

8. Charge Backup Batteries and Travel with Car Chargers

9. Always Balance on Cell Phone

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