Post-COVID Protocol

Post-COVID Protocol


Health First and Safe Guanajuato

Our property has been certified with the Health First and Safe Guanajuato seal since in our facilities we take all the necessary measures and precautions to make your stay safe.

The safety and well-being of our guests and collaborators are always a priority for Casa Goyri San Miguel de Allende, since we understand that traveling plays an important role in our lives and we know that the current situation regarding the continuous evolution of the coronavirus (COVID -19), may cause significant concern, due to travel restrictions.

That is why we want to assure you that we are closely reviewing the situation to respond to the many questions we receive from our guests, so in attention to prevention strategies, we are applying the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization in all our facilities:

• We have a disinfectant based on quaternary salts and soap and water both in guest areas, as well as in collaborator and supplier areas, which allows our collaborators, visitors and guests to carry out adequate hand washing and disinfection.

• Each room has an exhaustive cleaning service, disinfected and ventilated every day and before the entry and exit of each guest.

• We wash all bedding and towels in water at a minimum temperature of 65ºC.

• We follow the meticulous cleaning measures recommended by the WHO.

• We carry out temperature controls at the entrance of guests, employees and suppliers.

• We provide antibacterial gel and disinfectant solution to all our guests.

• We implement social distancing measures in common areas.

• We leave the time recommended by the WHO to reuse the same rooms between each new stay, a minimum of 24 hours.

• We maintain frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas and common surfaces such as chairs, tables, railings, plates, handles, door locks, etc.

• Our collaborators have been trained and follow the hygiene and etiquette protocols dictated by the WHO and the Secretary of Health of the State of Guanajuato.

• We have a fully equipped first aid kit for any emergency.

For Casa Goyri San Miguel de Allende we believe that in challenging times like the one we live in, the power of Hospitality is one of the most important, since although travel, our shared passion, may be temporarily compromised, they continue to have a lasting power to connect and it is where we can recognize our value as a country, company and human beings.

We will continue to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19), sharing with you any changes to this.


CASA GOYRI, San Miguel de Allende.

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